Tutus for Summer or Winter Engagement Shoot

Wondering what to wear for your engagement shoot? TULLE of course!!!!!

What could be more fun than wearing a tutu? Wearing a tutu on your engagement shoot, that’s what! I love ballet and tutus, but that doesn’t mean all your images will be subtly posed positions spoken in my finest French accent. There are some very elegant and soft holds that we can dream up when wearing a tutu. Dancer mojo just takes over. Up on the blog today are two of my clients who wore tutus and wore them with confidence.

Take a look at what Tulle Gabriella chose. A pale colored tutu paired with a soft pastel sweater. The beautiful tutu worked well with Joe who coordinated perfectly with her stunning outfit. Gabriella’s sister Vanessa is our next gal who chose the dead of winter for her tutu ensemble. She wore a black tutu with a matching black and white stripe shirt. Check out the poses and the fun you can have wearing a tutu for your upcoming engagement shoot!

For inspiration, check out this site: Tulle Magazine

Codie + Ryan Wedding @ West Hills Country Club, Middletown, NY

Ryan and I have 9 years between us and have actually been around each other for many years and didn’t even know it! Our families used to go on vacations together and back then he was just an annoying little blonde boy running around the place and for him it was the “girls have cooties” stage. We met in our adult years at a clam bake we had both been attending annually (but never noticed each other). Neither of us were looking for a relationship at the time. We “high five’d” to that shared notion and then it was just a series of coincidences in the weeks that followed that just kept us “running in to” each other. It always felt like we were best friends from the very beginning and as we became closer it was amazing to see how many things we have in common or places we have been that we didn’t know the other was there. We think it’s rare to find that the person you were meant to share your life with was really with you all that time, sort of sharing it already and you didn’t even know it.

I’m a “less is more” kind of person. I knew I really wanted lots of candles, cherry blossoms and long family style tables. I didn’t want to clutter the center of the tables with too much and I didn’t need all the tables to match. I wanted a comfortable feel, kind of like everyone is just sitting down to a very large family dinner. We grew up in two tight knit families and it was important for us to keep that the focus. Family comes first and we wanted all of our closest family and friends to feel that. I like hand made things, I feel it takes something that could be ordinary and gives it a sentimental meaning. It makes it “one of a kind”. I think I’m some what crafty and so early on I decided I wanted to make as many things as I could to add that personal touch or hand made feel. We were so grateful for everyone taking the time out of their busy lives to celebrate us, we just wanted to show our appreciation by hopefully making everyone feel a little special that day. The favors I made were a real testament to that and came from a very personal place. To anyone else it may have just seemed like dice game, but if you read the card that we put with each favor, I think it really described how much the game means to us.

I love things that are older and used, I appreciate the rusty candlestick, warped old wood or worn silver platter, for me it shows character, a past, some history…. I do a lot of “pickers” shopping and that is how I found most of the items on the tables. I kind of just walked around estate sales and if I saw something I liked, I picked it up! That is also how I got the shutters and window. For the card box, I knew I wanted to use some sort of an old makeup suitcase. I found one on eBay for $20 and just ripped out the stained cloth in the inside and re-upholstered it.

Long story short, I think my inspiration comes from my family. A place of love and togetherness, it’s very important to me, to us.


Venue:  West Hills Country Club, Middletown, NY
Wedding Dress: Galina Signature (David’s Bridal)
Shoe Brand: Steve Madden
DJ: Corey Gips (Party Master)
Jewelry: Swarovski Earrings, Ritani Rings
Flowers: Jamie Ferriero (Monticello Greenhouse)

West Hills Country Club, Middletown, NY Wedding Photographer

Jacqueline + Dominick Wedding @ The Villa Borghese, Wappinger Falls, NY

Jacqueline and Dominick had a wonderful wedding day and reception at The Villa Borghese in Wappinger Falls, NY.  The wedding day truly represented the beautiful friendship and love that bonds the two together.  Jacqueline looked stunning and Dom was a perfect gentleman.
Here’s their story:
“Dominick and I met at work. I always chose to sit next to him because he was always making me laugh! He loves to sing and dance and we always used to go back and forth with funny movie quotes. It’s funny because I was in a really rough spot in a previous relationship and he made my decision to leave so much easier. I prayed so hard in hopes he was the right one. Little did I know we lived only 5 minutes away from each other our entire lives, but because he is 4 years older I never knew because we didn’t go to school together. 
My color inspiration for my venue was jewel tones. My birth stone is Ruby and I love the depth and richness it brings to everything. I wanted the venue to be a very clean and romantic feeling, but have a slight pop of color for fall.” 
Dress: Stefan Jolie from Bijou Bridal
Rolls Royce: BBZ Limousine 

Wedding Photographer at The Villa Borghese, Wappinger Falls, NY


Jake + Mariann Wedding @ Seasons, Washington Twn, NJ

Jake and Mariann had their wedding reception at the beautiful Seasons in Washington Twp, New Jersey. They are such a lovely couple and sooo much fun! Seasons is a beautiful venue, as you’ll see… they handle all kinds of Off-Site Catering, Special Events, and of course, Weddings. It was a perfect day for a wedding. Enjoy!

Venue: Seasons Catering & Special Events, Washington Township, NJ
Cake Designer:

Seasons Catering & Special Events, Washington Township, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Wedding Video Trailer @ Falkirk Estate and Country Club, Central Valley, NY

Alexis and Mark were married on March 22, 2013 with reception to follow at the Falkirk Estates and Country Club in Central Valley, New York. The Falkirk Estate is an incredible venue… fitting for this incredible couple!  Here is a little wedding video trailer of their ‘big event’.  Enjoy!

– Dana
Dana Stripling @ Stripling Photography

Falkirk Estate and Country Club, Central Valley, New York Wedding Photographer

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